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Dear Scriptkidz,

We are happy to announce the RankMe contest!

Every 3 months we will reset ALL rankme stats.
Whoever is number 1 at the !top list, will receive a free month of VIP.

To check your position, type "!top" in chat.

The reset day differs every time, but we will announce it via an event in our steam group. So keep an eye on that!

- Scriptkidz Team
Hello Scriptkidz!

Until now, we paid the bills by ourselves.

And we love it! But as the server expands, the costs get higher. A lot of people asked us if they could support the server by purchasing VIP.

We are proud to announce that VIP finally is here! VIP is 2,50 a month and you get the following features:
  • !gloves
  • More skins on !ws
  • More knives on !knife
  • !votekick
  • !voteban
  • !votemute
  • !votegag
  • !redie
  • More player trails
  • More grenade trails
  • Player models
  • More hats
  • [VIP] Tag
  • [VIP] Clan Tag
Buy VIP by visiting the following page: vip.scriptkidz.com VIP is finally here!...